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What is Magical Realism? (With a short story example)


Have you ever heard of magical realism? Or have you read a magical realism book or at least a story crossed your mind right now. Personally, I genuinely started thinking what is the difference between magical realism? and fantasy? Most importantly what is magical realism?

What is magic realism?

Many genres are so popular and well known such as mystery, fiction, history, and a lot more. However, there are other less well-known genres and magical realism is one of them. 

Magic realism is a style of writing that waves threads of fantasy into a depiction of everyday life. The heroes in any magic realism book aren't fairies or sorcerers, they're ordinary people- whose lives happen to butt up against the extraordinary. The literary movement of magic realism was spearheaded by Latin American authors.

What is the difference between magic realism and fantasy? 

Well, you might think they're similar to each other but let me break it to you. Fantasy takes a place in a world other than our own, while magic realism focuses on something that must be ordinary everything seems normal, except for one or two elements that go way beyond the realm of possibility as we know it. 

An example of magic realism "story":

Magic realism= The magical + The mundane. But the best way to really understand this genre is to read an example of it. 

Here's a short story I created:

Once upon a time, a girl took her little sister to the petting zoo. While the little sister having fun, the girl seems to be sad and confused about her passion and not sure if that's what she really wants. What if she didn't succeed? What if she regrets for not trying to do it at all, her mind was about to explode. 

She was holding a parrot but little did she know that it was a mind-reading parrot! The parrot analyzed everything.

 "do you want to know the master ingredients of success?" he whispered. 

She couldn't believe her ears! Of course, she wanted any sign to prove to her that she has to do it! 

He said: " well, the first thing you have to let your imagination go wild while listening to me. Now consider a seed to be any positive idea/goal/desire or a dream that you really want to accomplish in your life. First, you must believe that you can achieve it no matter how impossible it may seem to attain. Now to plant this seed you need soil, so consider the soil/garden to be your subconscious mind. Next, you need sunlight for the seed to grow, so consider the sun's rays to be your positive emotions of just feeling better than ever! Lastly, to make sure this seed grows into a plant, you need water. Consider the droplets of water to be the act of repetition. Remember this: any seed in the garden can grow only if you 

provide enough sunlight and water".

Note: The previous master ingredients of success is by Muhammad Ali, the young mastermind book.

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