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How to Get Rid of a Reading Slump

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Almost all readers go through some type of reading slump at least once in their lives, and it can last a few weeks to a few years. This article compiles a few helpful tips to get rid of a reading slump.

But first, let’s define a reading slump:  according to an article written by Odyssey, “A reading slump is a time in which an avid or hobby reader fails to read as much as they would like.”

So here are 7 tips to get rid of a reading slump +2 Bonus tips from our followers: 

1- Stop forcing yourself to read a book just because you’ve started it!

It may not interest you, or is not what you currently feel like reading. So put that book down for a little while and start a new one. 

2- Go book shopping! 

Book shopping always puts us in a better mood! But also, the excitement of wanting to read all of your new books can give you the push you need to get back to reading.

3- Re-read one of your favorite books

This can help you rediscover why you love reading. This tip may not work for everyone, as you may not be interested in reading a book if you remember it well. 

4- Set a specific time for reading. 

Sometimes, you need to “force” yourself to sit down and read a few times to fall in love with reading again. 

Pro tip: Put an alarm for however much time you have and stay away from all distractions in that dedicated time.

5- Take a break from your phone. 

It’s hard to concentrate sometime when your phone notifications keep disturbing you. Consider putting your phone on “do not disturb” mode, or leaving it in another room. 

6- Switch your fiction with non-fiction (or the opposite)

Sometimes you need a change, even if it’s to something you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. If you’re used to reading fiction, read a non-fiction book on something you would like to learn more about. Maybe related to your career? Or a new skill you’d like to learn?

7- Don’t be hard on yourself!

Remember that this is something that happens to everyone. And that it’s okay to take a break sometimes. We’re sure you’ll get back to your book-devouring self soon! 

Bonus tips from our followers: 

Haya Alshareef shared: “Read a book with your friends and set the start and finish date and discuss everything about the book”

Fatima Alkaff shared: “Choose a place or a corner that is dedicated for relaxation and calmness when you need it.”